0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bit Kit For 3D Printer Option: 0.3mm

0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bit Kit For 3D Printer


Large chip removal space: Small chip resistance- smooth chip removal- drilling heat is small- can reduce drilling contaminated.
Extraordinary cutting edge sharpness: As a result of nanotechnology and advanced grinding technology- the drill cutting edge is sharper than before- can reduce the cutting forces and reduce broken drill rate- improve the hole wall quality;
Based clients application design tool: Drill bit rich varieties to meet different application requirements. All the parameters of the drill bit- such as drill core thickness- core of drilling taper- etc.- are carefully designed- effectiveness significantly;
Symmetrical cutting edge: In favor of efficient cutting- avoid offset drilling.
Processing range: PCB- SMT- CNC- mould- plastic- copper- stainless steel and other precision metal parts processing.


Blade diameter: 0.1 to 3.2mm
Shank diameter: 3.175mm
Size: 0.2mm- 0.3mm- 0.4mm- 0.5mm (10pcs are the same size in a box)


Each box of drill bit is the same size.
This drill is used to the engraving machine and high-speed machine bed.
Not suitable for hand-held drill- because hand-held electric drill is unstable and easily broken when drilling!

Package included:

1 x 10pcs drill bit kit

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