2016 Glyby NEW Design 3D Magic Wood Board for 3D Printing Pen , 3D Drawing and Doodle Model Making Arts & Crafts Drawing (Wood Color)


For those clients who experience the 3D printer pen for the first time, the experience effect may not very ideal, but it doesn’t matter! Because GLYBY know your need and 3D MAGIC BOARD is just design for you! Please be patient and use your imagination,you will find its a very magical process.

If you need a 3D printing pen, pls search “Glyby 3D pen” on amazon, it’s your best and proffessional choice!

Product Features

  • PERFECT AFTER-SALE PROTECTION : Please ensure the packaging is properly intact before signing. If there is any damage of the commodity,please contact with us for a replacement, This product has 19 months warranty. For help, please contact us.
  • GREAT TOOL FOR 3D PEN: The 3D MAGIC BOARD is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling. It is suitable for any 3D pen! 3D printing paper mold is perfect for children above 9 yrs old and adult no matter you are artists, hobbyist or creative lovers.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Selected high-quality fibreboard, size:30*30cm, weight:0.6kg
  • Good for BEGINNER: Any lines you want you can find on the 3D wood board,Straight line, circle, triangle, square, oblong, rectangular. . .Good for customer who seek perfection!
  • GLYBY BRAND OWNER: GLYBY have never authorized any other seller to follow and sold on Amazon. For safety and heath,Pls do not buy from counterfeit brand.

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2 thoughts on “2016 Glyby NEW Design 3D Magic Wood Board for 3D Printing Pen , 3D Drawing and Doodle Model Making Arts & Crafts Drawing (Wood Color)”

  1. I purchased BOTH the Wood Board and the Paper Templates.These items are exceptional. I bought a 3d pen, a package of extra filament, this board, and template sheets for our daughter for her birthday and gave them to her yesterday.She is LOVING the new experience in art and design. I want another pen and filament for myself now too. It was actually when I received this Board and the templates that I personally got REALLY excited about her using and wanting to get…

  2. The Gyby 3D Magic Wood Board is a unique and wonderful new item to assist 3D pen artists in making designs. The board is hard and study and has router grooves that allow the artist to use the canals or grooves to create straight lines, curves, shapes, and 3 dimensional objects by using a 3D pen to extrude filament plastic into the grooves.I was concerned at first that the filament would get stuck in a groove, or would adhere to the board, but that did not happen. I put the filament…

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