24V 50mm Blower Turbo Cooling Fan 5015 50x50x15mm for Computer, Electronics or 3D Printer

Ultra quiet brushless DC Blower for computers, consumer electronics and 3D printers. For 3D printer use – this fan is good for cooling down PLA after extrusion. 50x50x15 is the most popular blower size used for 3D printers (Makerbot, Witbox etc).

Technical Specs

Frame Material: Plastic
Impeller Material: Plastic
Lead wire: UL Type (+):Red (-):Black
Connector type: JST XH 2.54mm 2-Pin Female Connector
Motor Protection: Impedance Protected
Voltage: 24V
Current: 0.14A
Rotational Speed: 4000 RPM
Air flow: 4.21 CFM

Package Contents

1 x 50x50x15mm Blower Fan 24V 0.14A

Product Features

  • 24V DC, 0.14A, 50x50x15mm
  • Quiet sleeve-bearing design
  • Operation Temperature: -10C ~ 70C
  • Life Expectancy at 40 Celsius degree: 40000 hours

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