3-D in the Heights

The internet changed the world in the 1990’s. The world is about to change again—this time the revolution will be in 3-D.

On a Google search to learn about 3-D printing, I discovered 3D Heights.

Located in Washington Heights on Broadway between 172 and 173, 3D Heights is the brainchild of Jerry Castanos. The store provides all levels of consumers the tools to create and print whatever they can imagine. Unlike other printing devices, this new technology requires a skill set and understanding, but it’s easy to master and cost effective to use.

Castanos offers classes in design, scanning, printing and starting your own 3D business. “The first hour class, on the application, of 3D Printing is free,” he says. Castanos.

“The software is also free.”

3D Heights has an eye on becoming a leading contender in 3D printing technology offering the lowest price to purchase 3-D printers. For example, the Cube 2nd Gen (from 3D systems) price has dropped to $899. It comes ready to use and has 5 color options. Customers can order online or in person.

The consumer 3D printers create items in one color and plastic.

Fine artists with an entrepreneurial vision can benefit tremendously from the affordable technology, example: one $49.00 cartridge can make (roughly) five cellphone covers. Smaller items like jewelry and toys (depending in the size and style) can yield much more.

Additionally, the retail store also offers a wide range of services to fit the communities’ needs which also includes 3D printing filaments, 3D scanners, books on 3D printing, 3D printing classes and other 3D printing services.

“3D technology will change the way small business owners manufacture products,” reassures Castanos.

“This will bring jobs back to the local community and not just ‘work.’ This field opens opportunities which leads to the building of solid futures.”

Castanos, who is Dominican by birth, knows the value of planning coupled with hard work. He joined the US Army in 2002 and earned several awards while working overseas, spending 11 years in support operations in Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, and Afghanistan as a government contractor.

While traveling he attended Kaplan University and received an Associate degree of Science (A.S.), Business Administration and Management.

He hopes others will follow his lead.

“The possibilities offered in 3D printing are bound only by a person’s knowledge and imagination,” says Castanos.

“From a small business point-of-view and an artistic platform—especially in the gaming design industry and architectural design—there is no reason not to invest in your company’s future. It’s not simply about being part of a trend, it’s staying ahead of it and constantly profiting from it. I’ve created an educational curriculum, priced the 3D printers to be extremely cost effective and opened my store (3D Heights) for exploration. It’s my sincere wish is that our community embrace the inevitable changes and learn to profit

from the advancement.”

3D Heights CEO, Castanos is hands on and you can find him in his store 7 days a week (4084 Broadway, between, 172-173).

To learn more about 3D printing go to: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jerry.castanos