3-D World

This is a design magazine for 3D artists and animators. Features include: news, practical tips and creative advice, plus reviews of the latest groundbreaking hardware and software for PC and Mac. It covers the creation of 3D visuals, illustration, product visualization and design.

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3 thoughts on “3-D World”

  1. Well worth the money! There are not many magazines out there for 3d artists, but 3d World more than makes up for it!Pros: Every issue is packed with tutorials (for several major apps like Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.), classifieds, industry news, and the latest on every 3d app you can think of. Best of all, every issue comes with a CD containing tons of free stuff (like models, textures and full versions of software, along with great demos of other software).Cons: Its a bit expensive, but well worth the cost! Printed in the UK, so some of the classifieds are not relevant if your in the US (although they usually have calssifieds for major companies in the US as well).Go to Books-a-Million and buy one issue to try it out before getting a subscription if your not sure about it because of the cost.

  2. Very Good Resource! Unfotunately it’s not an easy to find magazine at the news stand but when you do it’s a very relevant and informative 3-D industry book.

  3. Expensive but substantional Informative content I’ve spent years browsing through 3D World in bookstore newsstands and liked most of what was presented but I was always taken aback by the price.Six months ago I decided to subscribe to save on per issue price. I have no regrets. In this day and age where Free web articles are copy and pasted into magazines and resold as new, 3D World is still original. So far each issues has managed to deliver solid articles, interviews, and tutorials as well as enlightening angles on related industries. The content on the DVD is top rate so far and does provide valuable content that definitely cuts the cost per copy. For once a magazine is thick because of content – not advertising pages.I’ll also not I have not thrown an issue away. I keep the issues and the DVD’s for reference. That’s a nod to the value in working tutorials + DVD. It’s been a very long time since I’ve saved any issue of any magazine.I’m primarily a Lightwave, Modo, ZBrush, and Vue user. No Autodesk apps in my tool set. With that noted the magazine still offers great value.Still – The cost.It’s something that will come up each time renewal comes up. So long as the publisher maintain its integrity on content, it will make it an easier decision to renew.

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