333D shares ride higher on signing new 3D printer deal

333D has already developed a range of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers that target the education and professional/commercial sectors.

With the range of polymers and polymer composites now numbering in the hundreds, the possible applications for FFF printers is growing exponentially.

Under the terms of the agreement, 333D and CreoPop will collaborate to co-develop a commercial grade 3d printer designed to use CreoPop’s extensive range of photopolymer resins.

Furthermore, 333D and CreoPop will work together to develop a small footprint printer that incorporates a docking cradle for the CreoPop cool ink 3D pen.

Cool ink 3D pen allows a user to draw three dimensional objects and uses ambient temperature photopolymers that are solidified using built-in LED lights.

In comparison, other 3D pens on the market extrude melted plastics at nearly 300 degrees celsius.

The combining of the CreoPop resin technology with 333D printer technology is expected to result in a unique and compelling offering that will have multiple applications across the creative, artistic and education sectors.

Printing in various materials is the key to attracting and marketing 333D’s printer to the education and light commercial market.