3D Industries, ALUHOTEND Aluminum and Steel Metal Hotend, 1.75mm, .4mm nozzle J-Head for Prusa and other 3D Printers

The Aluminum Hotend AluhotendV5C-1.75mm is designed by the well known RepRap designer, “The Jolly Grim Reaper”, and is configured for high resolution printing with PLA, ABS and NYLON. This hotend includes a 0.4mm nozzle – though a 0.3mm nozzle is available from the manufacturer.

Plastic body (PEEK) hotends can fail when the PTFE liner swells from excessive heat. The PTFE liner can push the barrel out of the PEEK tube, forcing the heater block and nozzle to literally fall off the printer, resulting in a ruined print and a disappointed print owner. We don’t want to get rid of the PTFE liner because it serves as a non stick surface that your filament can glide over. In fact, PTFE is the same material used in most non stick frying pans. The Jolly Grim Reaper came up with a satisfying solution: keep the PTFE Liner, but replace the PEEK with an aluminum body and use a strong steel barrel that the PTFE cannot force out. As long as you configure the ALUHOTEND with a fan and avoid exceeding the recommended temperature at 245c, you should be able to reliably and consistently get high resolution prints with a minimum of fuss.

Note, this hotend requires a fan (included) blowing on the heatsink for proper operation.

Product Features

  • 1 x AluhotendV5C-1.75mm Aluminum Hotend, 1.75mm, .4mm nozzle standard J-Head
  • 100k thermistor (number 10 on the marlin firmware) with sleeves and heatshrink.
  • J-Head grove mount (aluminum)
  • 1 x 40mm 12v fan
  • 1 Heater cartridge 12v30w

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