3D Printed ‘My Cup of Tea’ Fascinator Hat, Steampunk Meets Victorian Fashion, Nylon Plastic, Red

The Sloris ‘My Cup of Tea’ fascinator will give you good reason to strut your stuff. Fascinator hats can revitalize your wardrobe and add spark your style. The grandeur of Victorian era millinery cross bred with the chic of steampunk fashion to produce a hat that’s all glamour and no fuss. From afar, the ‘My Cup of Tea’ fascinator masquerades as a staple of steampunk attire, a top hat. Upon closer inspection, it reveals itself to be the quintessential everyday object of the Brits, a tea cup. ‘My Cup of Tea’ is waiting to be 3D printed just for you.

Use the comb at the base of the fascinator to comfortably secure it (depending on the desired angle, bobby pins may be necessary).

One size fits all 🙂

Available Colors and Material Information

The layered process of the printing often creates a look similar to that of wood grain. The pieces have a slightly rough feel (especially in black.) Overall, the material has a likeness to unpolished or polished soap stone.

Available in black, polished white, polished coral red, polished violet purple, polished hot pink and polished royal blue.

3D Printed in Nylon Plastic Just for You

To make our nylon plastic products, a 3D printer uses a laser as the power source to sinter powdered plastic, aiming the laser automatically at points in space defined by our 3D digital model, solidifying a paper thin layer. A fresh layer of powder is distributed and the process repeats until the final solid product emerges.

Made to Order Production Time

Please keep in mind that every single product is printed specifically for you in your choice of color, which takes time. Production time for our nylon plastic products is currently running 1 to 2 weeks. We know everyone wants instant gratification these days, but we’re sure you’ll agree our creations are worth the wait.

Product Features

  • Height: 3.18 IN, Length: 4.43 IN, Width: 4.4 IN, (Volume: 0.87 IN)
  • Truly a unique and exciting design; Perfect if you’re a fashionista who likes to lead rather than follow
  • From afar, looks like a steampunk top hat; Upon close reveals itself to be a tea cup.
  • Designed by the fine artist MG and made to order; Material has a slightly rough feel (especially in black) and a look similar to that of wood grain.
  • 3D printed on demand in nylon plastic; Available in black, polished white, polished red, polished purple, pink and blue.

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