3D-Printed Supplements Are Customized For Specific Needs

A new service is letting people formulate and create their own multivitamins based on their exact lifestyle and body type

Multiply Labs is a startup that lets you customize your vitamins. With the service, the user gets to decide not just how much of what these pills would contain, but also decide what time they get absorbed during the day.

People who supplement their diets with multivitamin pills often just buy over the counter. However, these options are mass produced and in dosages that fit the average person. They aren’t exactly fit for the lifestyle or body type of each unique person and this is where Multiply Labs is trying make changes.

Each pill from the startup is 3D printed, a method which allows them to manufacture slowly and in small quantities. A robotic system then fills the individual capsules with the quantities required.

Tiffany Kuo, co-founder of Multiply Labs, explains:

“3D printing is our key to personalization! Not only can we control the release time on different compartments of the pill with 3D printing, we can also easily create pills with batch-size of one based on specific customer needs with minimal set-up cost.”

Time-delay compartments give room for components that are better if released hours after intake. For example, if you need a midday boost, putting a dose of caffeine on time-delay will reserve the dose just before the afternoon slump tries to take over.

This level of personalization for medication has so much more potential, Tiffany Kuo tells PSFK. Despite their current direction of exclusively making supplements, it is entirely possible to use the same level of customization for treatments. This will allow dosages to fit patient needs perfectly, especially in rare diseases for which traditional large-scale manufacturing are expensive to adapt for given low demand.

The bespoke vitamins are now available online and the price stands at $25/two weeks of products. The website guides you through the personalization process of each dose, asking for important factors such as lifestyle, weight, height, age and the like. Pre-orders will get an additional 25% off their bill. There’s also a subscription option so new batches arrive just when they’re needed.

Multiply Labs