3D Printer Controller RAMPS 1.4 for REPRAP MENDEL PRUSA Arduino

Color: red
Dimension: 113 x 60 x 30mm
Product features:
1 It has some rules about Cartesian robots and extruder.
2 It extends to control other accessories.
3 Heater / fan output and three thermistor circuit MOSFET.
4 Fusion of 5A additional safety and component protection
5 Heating control bed extra 11A fuse
6 Suitable for 5 Pololu stepper driver board
7 Pololu pin socket board, so they can be easily replaced or removed for future designs.
8 Left I2C and SPI pins for future expansion.
9 That all MOSFET is hooked into PWM pin is universal.
10 Servo type connector is used to connect with the endstops, motors and light-emitting diodes. These connectors are gold-plated, 3A rated current, very compact.
11 SD card addition – is now available from the Kliment – Sdramps
12 LED indicate heater output
13 2 motors connected to Z Prusa Mendel

1 x Module

Product Features

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Ramps 1.4 3D printer control panel
  • Look no further, buy instantly

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