3D Printer Parts GT2 760-2GT-6 Timing Belt L=760mm W=6mm 380 Teeth in Closed Loop Pack of 2pcs

2GT Timing Belt 760-2GT-6 Specs:

Type: 760-2GT-6
2GT Pitch :2mm
Belt Height:1.52mm
Tooth Height:0.76mm
Material: Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core
Pitch Length:760mm
Teeth Number :380
Shape:Closed Loop

The Package Listing Includes as Follow:
2pcs 2GT Timing belt 760-2GT-6

Note:If you need other specifications, please contact us, thank you!

Product Features

  • Circular arc Tooth Profile Tooth Space is Small, Suitable for Straight Line Driving.
  • 2GT System is an Extension of The HTD System With Greater Load Carrying Capacity.
  • Breaking Strength: 86 N per 1 mm (62 lbs. per 1/8″) Belt Width.
  • Working Tension: 111 N for 25.4 mm Belt (25 lbs. for 1″belt).
  • Temperature Range: -34°C to +85°C (-30°F to +185°F)

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