3d Printer Ramps1.4 Lcd12864 Intelligent Controller Lcd Control Panel

RAMPS LCD12864 kit contains as follows:

1.RAMPS LCD12864, 1

2.L the adapter plate 1

3.FC cable 2

Note: insert the SD card offline print, SD card please self provided, this product does not contain!

We will send out the package within 2 days.
We are using the fast shipping methods, so that you will receive your package with 5-10 days.
All parts, we offering 6 months of warranty.

Product Features

  • 1 the use of large screen 12864LCD
  • 2 back integrated SD connector, slicing file into the SD card, select the corresponding file can be printed on the LCD.
  • 3 products with encoder, can realize the adjustment of parameters, and selects the file to print!
  • 4.ramps plug and play, but need to modify the firmware to support. 5 support Chinese font, modify the Marlin firmware can display Chinese menu, the modification method, does not provide technical support!

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