3D Printing Pen Doodle Printer Pen With LED / OLED Screen 4th Generation Newest Technology V4 RP800A Lightweight Portable Compatible with Power Bank + FREE 3 Packs of ABS Filament Colors Total 30Ft

Slim and Light Pen, Children can easily using without any exhaustion like other heavy pens in the market. Extremely portable use power bank or connect to laptop USB port. This is so versatile from indoor to outdoor Crafting and Drawing. Fun for Kids and Adults.

Package 1 x 3D Pen 1 x Power adapter 3 x Random Color Filament 10 feet each 1 x User’s manual 1 x Plastic Screw driver Standard Power Bank not Included.

Specifications Heating Temperature: 130-240 C Max Heating Power: 10W Power Supply: 5V DC-2A Filament: 1.75mm ABS/PLA Nozzle: 0.6mm diameter Weight: 45g Packing Size: 205 x 132 x 72mm

Note: This Pen is suitable for children over 8 years old and adults. Children is only allowed to use under adult guardianship. The Nozzle is with High Temperature, do not touch it by hand, though it has Ceramic Nozzle.

IMPORTANT : Press increase temperature button (+) and Unload button at the same time to Switch ABS/PLA mode.

Use High Quality Filament for this pen, Cheap Quality Filament type makes your pen Damage.

Filament Type Temperature: ABS 210 C; PLA 175 C. Please adjust the temperature according to Filament type.

Always unload the filament when you are done with your Art Work / Drawing for the day.

Product Features

  • » WONDERFUL 3-D CREATION: Craft Exceptional and Fanciful 3-D art straight out of your imagination. You can draw a line vertical straight into the air. It is not just drawing but you make and build with it too since its ABS Plastic instead of Ink. You can make butterfly, flower, toys, horses or even your own mini EIFFEL TOWER! From the newbie to expert. You’ll find that the only limit for your 3-D pen is your own imagination.
  • » PORTABLE & EASY TO MOVE: No need to confine to home, you can draw your dream anywhere you go with power bank, simple plug to your power bank and draw. Use Indoor or Outdoor, in park or in Car or at you friends place with the power bank, no need to keep connected all the time with wire attached to wall. Note: You also have option to connect to AC/DC Adapter.
  • » OLED SCREEN: This Pen uses OLED The Best Display Tech, Alphanumeric display and is premium quality. It is better than LCD screens. OLED Screen help you to adjust your temperature and Filament type easily and much more efficiently.
  • » KEEP DRAWING Without Exhaustion: Improved and Slim design with Speed Control help you Draw or Design without tiredness where as other pens in the market make you tired after long drawing but this pen lets you draw your imagination for as long as you desire. You can make school projects, crafts, gifts, home décor and much more.
  • » Filament Type and Nozzle: This 3D Pen can use ABS or PLA material. Double click loading/unloading button to automatically Feed/Remove Filament. This pen doesn’t get clogged unlike many other pens. The printing pen comes with a Ceramic Nozzle which is much safer compared to copper nozzles, since copper conducts much more heat and could be dangerous around children; automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use for your safety.

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  1. Very easy to setup and operate! This is my second 3D pen, and this one is much easier to hold. It has a better shape, weighs less, and the buttons are in a good position. The OLED is also very clear and easy to read. I had no issues loading or unloading the filament. Super easy! Basically, once it is heated to 210°C, you are ready to load the filament. Just make sure it has a blunt end, not cut at an angle. Stick it in, and press the Load button. It takes about 30 seconds to get all the way down to the tip. Then you are ready…

  2. This 3D printer pen is incredibly fun. It was a birthday present for an eleven-year-old …

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