3D Printing Pen, WER Intelligent Home 3D Model Printer Drawing Pen Arts and Crafts with 1 bag mixed color 1.75mm ABS Filament for Stimulating Creativity and Imagination (Blue)

Product Description
Extrusion : Hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: Three-dimensional
Print Range :Indefinite
Spinning speed : Adjustable
Heating temperature in the range :160- 250 degrees Adjustable
Device operating voltage : 12V 3A
Nozzle :0.7 mm

Product packing list:
3D stereoscopic printing pen
12V 3A Power Adapter
3 free filaments 10g each

Instructions for operation:
1.Connect one of the end of the Power Adapter and AC power cord to socket. And connect the other end of the DC plug into the “Power” port on the end of the pen. You can see the yellow LED lights, indicating the device is powered and into servo standby model.
2.Press “Wire Feeding Button”,you can see stunning LED lights, indicating the device has entered the warm-up model, about 0.5-2 minutes later, when the red LED lights turns from red to blue, indicating the end of warm-up, the device is ready for normal operation.
3.Insert the filament into ” Wire Loading Hole”, meanwhile, you may use your another hand to press “Wire Feeding Button”, then supplies will be transported by the built-in motor, the tip end of the nozzle will spit gum,means you load successfully.

1.Never touch the nozzle or the heat-generating components while operating.
2.If the device is not used more than five minutes, it will automatically goes to standby model.The “Indicator” show no light. To use it again, you need to press the “Wire Feeding Button”.
3.Children should use it under the tutelage of adult.

Product Features

  • Bring creative ideas into actual object, creative true masterpiece makes your life colorful.
  • Easier speed control, lightweight design make it a best gift for both children and adults; children’s use, please under the tutelage of adult.
  • Be different from the other pen that need you to use them in both hands. Our 3D pens make you can do the adjustment only with one hand. The adjustable button designs in the front of the pen. No gears limited.
  • This pen replaces ink with plastic which melted at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper. It can be used to draw in the air or on surface as well as tracing objects on paper.
  • Easy to use, use it just like any other kind of pen by drawing normally at the beginning, with the nozzle pressed to paper, but then you lift it in the air and the pen keeps drawing.

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  1. Finally got one and i love it So I always wanted one of these im crafty and i like drawing i think i saw this in a YouTube video since then i wanted one and I finally got one so the video made it all look so easy you put the plastic in it and press a button and you have the Eiffel tower ummm yea so not like that its not easy its not that hard either you just need practice it does come with some abs filament random colors it also uses the standard filament that is used for most 3D printers so its readily available and pretty…

  2. When I first heard about 3D pens, I had to see it for myself to believe it. How is it possible to make a 3D Drawing? Once I received mine, I opened it up, read the instructions that came with it and set up the pen to start my “cool drawing”. Well turns out I had no clue what I was doing! So I had to watch a few videos to get the hang of using it and well that did not work. Turns out I am just not an artist; however this pen was A LOT of fun to play with! It does take some time…

  3. I could say so much about this pen.I was confused on how it worked when i first opened it.I read the directions which explained everything pretty well.once i played with this pen i loved it.I was a big kid all over again.It does take a few minutes to get used to it but once you start you wont want to stop.I have tried to start making a house out of it. might just take me a few times to get it downI did receive this product at a discounted price.if…

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