3D Printing Tweezers for 3D Printers and 3D Print Clean-Up – The “must have” 3d Printing Tool

These 5″ long, comfort grip 3D print clean up tweezers are perfect for removing excess plastic from 3D prints for that final cleanup and cleaning up the hot end before and after printing. Made out of stainless steel for strength and durability, they come to a precision point to grip even small imperfections and, when necessary, to dig into support structure in hard to reach places.This is a great and thoughtful gift for all your 3D printing friends.

Product Features

  • Great for cleaning excess 3D printed support material or cleaning up 3D Printer hot ends
  • Fine ends let you easily get to hard to reach places
  • 5″ long, coated Stainless Steel for comfortable grip
  • Strong, precision points for accuracy
  • 5″ long, Stainless Steel coated for comfortable grip

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