3Doodler Welcome to the Jungle ABS Mixed Plastic 3D Printing Pen (x25 Strand)

Plastic refills for your 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. Each pack contains 25 strands of plastic and will provide hours of Doodling. Each strand is 10 inches long, giving you a total of 250 inches of plastic per pack, or 2,500 inches of Doodling (the plastic is extruded at an approximately 10:1 ratio).

Product Features

  • 25 Strands of 3Doodler Welcome to the Jungle Mixed Pack ABS Plastic
  • MATTE plastics included
  • 10″ per strand (a total of 250 inches of plastic, or 2,500 inches of doodling – the 3Doodler has a 10:1 ratio)
  • LHAMA and TRA Approved
  • Made in the USA

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