Afinia 3D Printer H-Series

* Local US product support

* FCC approved

* 3D Printer ideal for rapid prototyping

* Easy and quick out-of-box setup & use

* Only $1599!

* Available in burgundy color

* It is an improved UP! (major enhancements)

* Uses inexpensive ABS plastic

* Under 11 lbs, 245x260x350 mm footprint (10″ x 10″ x 14″)

* Printing envelope over 5″ cubed

This 3D printer is FCC approved and comes with local, US support.

Includes easy-to-use software, handling tools, and starter spool of 1.5 lbs ABS plastic filament. Perfect for rapid prototyping!

No mucking about, out of the box the H-Series printer is easy to setup (about 10 minutes), and easy to install using the included software for Mac or PC. Simply use the included utility to calibrate the printhead height, and within minutes you are printing!

The included software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orientating, duplicating, and scaling parts. It easily imports STL files, and the output can be customized in terms of the amount of support material and “raft” (base support) printed.

Breakaway support material is simple to remove, and tools for aiding the breakaway are included.

The Afinia H-Series can produce a part or model that is 5 inches cubed (i.e. 125 cubic inches) in volume. The output is accurate to within .2mm (8 thousandths of an inch), and has 30% of the strength of injection molded parts.

Design files can be created using online software, professional software such as SolidWorks, or by downloading from the extensive online community for free!

The H-Series can be operated in a standalone mode. Once the file is transferred to the device, the usb connection between the printer and computer can be disconnected – even during printing!

Product Features

  • Only $1599! Product ships in burgundy color
  • Easy out-of-box setup & use
  • Uses inexpensive 1.75mm ABS plastic
  • Under 11lbs, 245x260x350 mm footprint (10″ x 10″ x 14″)
  • Build envelope 5-1/2″(w) x 5-1/2″(d) x 5-1/4″(h) (140x140x135mm)

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2 thoughts on “Afinia 3D Printer H-Series”

  1. superb printer for professionals I own 2 of these printers and am buying a 3rd in the next few weeks. my printers run 24/7 building parts for my business. they are both trouble free. i install a clean nozzle and recalibrate nozzle height every week. that’s it.i run the cheapest abs available and have no problems at all.print quality is GREAT.the software that comes with the printer is printers have no faults at all.these are truly commercial quality printers.update 2-13-13:running three of these now. fried a cpu on one, table heater failed on another. ALL covered by warranty. have an occasional plugged tip but that’s it. these are bad boys 🙂

  2. A great 3D printer! Easy to use! Great print quality! Fast or Slow Printing! Having owned another brand of 3D printer, and researched many others, this printer is hands down great! Fast prints with low resolution, slow prints with high resolution, easy to use software, telephone tech support. The print quality is very good. The software is easy to use. Wonderful. The first and second prints were absolutely great, and they keep being great (dozens so far)! This printer does the best job of documentation, tech support, everything you need. If one does a simple web search on getting ABS plastic to stick when printing, even so, again this printer does a great job with that as the supplied print platform holds the part well while printing.The printer can be set to print fast (fan flap open or not) with 0.4mm layers, or super high detail with fan cooled 0.15mm slow printed layers. I printed great 28mm models for my 13 year old son, and now he is using it to print his stuff. Impressive detail. As a parent I couldn’t be happier. I also print housings for work as fast as they can print, with repeatable great quality. Holds mechanical shapes well. Holes print very well. No post drilling required as the holes print properly! Strong accurate parts.If you have never printed with a 3D printer before, you might find issues with 3D printing. My only issue, is ABS plastic printers have a tenancy to warp larger parts right where they attach to the build platform. I am experimenting this ABS warping issue, (but this is an issue with all sub ten thousand dollar printers). I have tried many things. So far I found that the supplied printing base works very well,(but parts when printing can come loose). For this price point this is a great printer. (As I understand this, this issue goes away with PLA plastic, but PLA does not have as high a working temperature if one wants to use the parts for real things. PLA gets soft at 60C, and ABS takes at least 110C to get soft, a big deal with parts that might sit in a hot car, or get truck shipped.) Even so, this printer can print PLA!Update 2/28/2013 Experimenting with part warping where it attaches to the build platform. Works for no warping at all!A 2mm raft thickness works, (and is truly needed to fully level the build platform).Keep the fan on. It makes great parts this way, and the rafts are easier to remove.The only thing that I have found to work (to prevent wapring) is using the ABS/Acetone paint on the supplied FR4 fiberglass build surface they provide. (When applying the paint, remember the holes, and make sure you paint this on something that will not be harmed. I use a glass plate as a backing during painting.) The included documentation tells how to make the ABS/Acetone paint. Then purchase more clips (they supply six of them) and hold the fiberglass build surface fully along the front and back sides (remembering to leave clips off each corner where the nozzle can come down and hit them). I paint this slurry on before each build. The holes in the fiberglass are fully filled with ABS, and a very thin coat in on the top. It is real work to get the part off when done, but the supplied two inch wide putty knife works very well to remove the part. The build surface is very stiff with the holes filled with ABS. Using this I have not had any of the printed parts warp.The things below were tried and do not work very well, in descending order.1) I found that the supplied printing base works OK, but parts when printing can come loose, and the supplied build surface with holes can and warp. It is somewhat flexable, and the parts warp even when attached (and can pull up if no ABS/Acetone paint is used).2) Kapton tape with ABS/Acetone slurry on top holds to the printed part super well to the Kapton, but the parts generally pull the tape up and warp.3) 3M Blue painters tape (no slurry), as is, holds the printed part super well, but the parts usually pull the tape up and warp.4) ABS/Acetone painted on glass held the parts, but the parts pulled up and warped.If your application can tolerate some warping, thenBlue tape on glass seemed easiest. (about $20 for six glass 5.5″ by 5.5″ plates from a local glass shop) Just replace tape when needed.The supplied build platform with the holes worked very well most of the time.All in all, a truly great 3D printer.

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