Angry Birds Star Wars Super 3D 150 pc Puzzle

Product Features

  • 30 layers of depth make a super 3D image
  • Thicker pieces make for easy assembly
  • Features popular characters
  • 150 piece puzzle

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2 thoughts on “Angry Birds Star Wars Super 3D 150 pc Puzzle”

  1. Family puzzle We got this puzzle for our family to do. We have two daughter’s that enjoy Star Wars and this was a fun way to put a different puzzle together that was under that theme. It had enough of a challenge for our 7 yrs old and 4 yrs old. Nice little puzzle and the price was nice as well.

  2. MISSING PIECE How frustrating! It was so difficult to put together with so many black/dark pieces. Finally got it together. And we are MISSING ONE PIECE!!!! We searched everywhere for it. I’m 99.9% sure that the piece was never in the box. The pieces were all sealed in a bag inside the box, which is why I think that it NEVER had the piece to begin with. TERRIBLE.

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