Annoying Issue With Tinkercad

Hi everyone

I am a relatively new user of 3D printing, but I have worked my way through a Da Vinci Mini ( nice machine for the price), and have nowupgraded to the printer of the month/year, the Creality CR10.

However, my problem is with TinkerCAD, which I use for design, and overall I love it. BUT I have come across a problemI cannot overcome.

I am re-importingsome previous models that contain 2 or more parts in them because I want to modify one or other of those parts. However, It seems that TinkerCAD blends all th emodels on the table into a single object when you export it, and there appears to be no way that I can break them back out as individual parts again.

Does anyone know how I can get over this problem, otherwise I amin for a hell of a lot of extra work redesigning these parts again and saving them as individual items, which I really do not want to have to do ?

Thanks a lot