Blood Print (A Templeton-Stone Short Story)

When out-of-work ex-soldier Kyle Templeton agrees to a job interview set up by a friend, he’s hungry enough to consider a job as a Texas mall cop. The mall turns out to be an abandoned facility converted into cloud computer storage and the manager, beautiful Jackie MacAllistair, has no sooner greeted them when the facility is attacked by deadly creatures of unknown origin. Kyle and his fellow ex-soldier Tater Underwood must use every skill they have to fight for their lives and the lives of the innocents caught in an arena of death, an arena that turns out to be their real job interview. If they survive, they’re going to be offered a position that turns out to be more tempting, and more evil, than they can imagine.

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3 thoughts on “Blood Print (A Templeton-Stone Short Story)”

  1. Fast and Fun Sci-Fi Action Blood Print is a short book (Amazon says 40 pages, so it’s a novella), but it’s priced right and there is a TON of fun packed into those 40 pages. If you can picture the wise-cracking Payne and Jones characters by Chris Kuzneski mixed with the non-stop sci-fi action of Matthew Reilly’s CONTEST, and the sometimes monstrous gore of…well, me, then you’ve got a good idea of what you’ll find in Blood Print. Happy to have discovered this book on a Sunday afternoon with two hours to kill. Kept me entertained and a smile on my face.

  2. Great and amazing short story- a great wild ride! This book is Matthew Reilly or James Rollins on steroids, if such a thing can happen. Pure, unstopped adrenline from start to finish with great big honking laughs at the most inappropriate times. In other words, A GREAT STORY! The characters grab you really fast, and make you like and understand them in short, unwasted time. Good thing, because this is a rip roaring adventure, with people you care about right away. I won’t waste time with the story line, because it is in the discription. So I will tell you a few of my greatest lines. When a killing construct lands and looks like a metal toothed pac-man, trying to eat our heros, one of them quips it is a ‘happy fun ball.’ We find out the enemy is the boss we all love to hate, no redeeming qualitys at all, and we know him as Dr. Crazystein. Love, love, love it. I also love flawless writing. No spelling errors, no grammer that distracts, no inconsistancies in time or place. Pro all the way. OK, I am ready for the next book. YOU WILL TOO!

  3. READ THIS STORY! This is a great read! I’m not typically a fan of short stories, but I love Ms. Ranthum’s books and have been waiting SOOOOOOO long for something new from her to read. I love the characters, who spring to life in a few carefully chosen phrases, and the action is non stop. No long exposition here, with lots of details that would be unnecessary in a short story- the plot begins to fly right from the start, and the characters leap from the pages. The technical details are wonderful- full of new thoughts in science but not so new or cutting edge that I had to do research to understand the story line and the villain’s plan.And best of all- it looks like the epilogue is a teaser to more stories about Kyle… I only hope the new story comes soon, and that we get to at least hear from Tater and Jackie. And I’m very intrigued about who Sorsha Stone might be, and what or who the Night Queen is… I CAN’T WAIT! So hurry up Ms. Ranthum!!

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