BuMat StrongFinish 3DPEN Magic Artist 3D Drawing Pen with Printing Filament

Reintroduce yourself to the creative side that you never knew existed. Strong Finish Magic Artist lets you patch existing 3D objects and make drawings in 3D by requiring absolutely no knowledge of 3D designing software. Create an amazing work of art as tall as the sky and as intricate as your mind allows. Magic Artist utilizes standard 1.75 mm ABS filament. Take the driver’s seat with a button that gives you total control over the amount of filament to extrude. The dual speed setting lets you control the rate of extrusion. There is no better way to dab yourself into the world of 3D printing than the Strong Finish Magic Artist. Get started in a matter of minutes with the world’s simplest 3D tool! Designed to be intuitive, the Magic Artist 3D Pen comes ready to use, with no assembly or configuration required. Just pick it up and start drawing! Build objects and add your personal touch to toys, gadgets and gifts.

Product Features

  • Create 3D objects without the need of 3D design and slicing software
  • Applications: create and patch ABS 3D objects created by FFF 3D printers
  • Accepts 1.75 mm ABS filament
  • Startup kit included for immediate usage
  • High/Low dual speed setting for different applications and Safety: automatic shut-off when the Magic Artist is inactive for a period of time

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