Carnation Home Fashions 6-Feet by 6-Feet Vinyl Print Shower Curtain, 3D Geometric

3d geometric super clear 6-feet by 6-feet vinyl print shower curtain, 100-percent polyester, size 70-inch wide by 72-inch long.

Product Features

  • Premium 5-gauge vinyl
  • Easy care just wipe clean
  • Size 72-inch Wide by 72-inch long

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2 thoughts on “Carnation Home Fashions 6-Feet by 6-Feet Vinyl Print Shower Curtain, 3D Geometric”

  1. Good basic shower curtain, graphic not so good. I bought this one and another similar one like this from kohls.The graphic on this on appears faded and the machine did not do a good of overlaying the colors on the fish and they look distorted. I bought 2 and they both look the same, so unless it was a small batch that was messed up, this distorted graphic is normal for all. The kohls one has a similar sea life graphic with many types of fish that I bought for the same price during the holidays when it was on sale. It is quite vivid and better quality over all for the same size.For the price, this is an ok shower curtain, but if you are patient you can find a better quality graphic for the same price.

  2. better than expected for a cheap shower curtain I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this $10 shower curtain. It seems to be a little more flexible and durable than cheap shower curtains that I’ve used in the past. The design doesn’t look real cheap, either.

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