‘Create Your Own’ 3D Printed Binary Necklace

Create Your Own 3D Printed Binary Necklace

Wearing Binary Necklace

Binary Necklace Up Close

Create an intellgent, stylish, personalized necklace.

Binary Code

Binary code is the way computers represent their data. These 0s and 1s power phones, computers, and all things digital. This product takes letters and translates them into binary code.

Use the Binary Necklace to encode a secret word. Gift something personal to friends and family.

3D Printed in Nylon Plastic (with Lasers!)

Binary Necklace is 3D printed using laser sintered nylon plastic. Nylon plastic has a textured matte finish. It’s light but strong, and moderately flexible. Similar to how nylon fabric has some stretch, nylon plastic also has a slight degree of flexibility.

Personalize and Make This Product Yours

The personalization tool puts the power to create and personalize in your hands without requiring you to be familiar with 3D modeling or complex CAD software. You can view your creation in a 3D viewer and see your design change as you personalize it.

The Binary Necklace comes in black, purple, white, red, blue, and pink. Start designing by clicking the Personalize Now button above.

Swatches of Different Color Options in Nylon Plastic

Available in Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, and White Nylon Plastic

Blue Binary Necklace Up Close

Why 3D Printing?

3D printing changes the traditional manufacturing paradigm by making it possible to make products catering to every individual’s unique preferences. Each item is solidified from powder layer by layer, thus eliminating the need for molds.

With 3D printing, we can cut down on product waste, offer more designs, and enable you to personalize products reflecting your imagination and need.

The 3D Printing Process

Your personalized Binary Necklace is made just for you with 3D printing technology.

The 3D printing magic begins by a powerful laser solidifying plastic powder in a tray layer by layer! Once the last layer is solidified, the tray is left to cool for a few hours. The product is then carefully removed from the tray, and leftover powder is shaken off.

After all the excess powder is removed, your product is dyed with your chosen color. The extra powder is recycled in subsequent runs eliminating waste. Every item is made on demand, which is why your item takes a little while to produce.

Removing Loose Powder from a 3D Printed Part

Removing Loose Powder from a 3D Printed Part

3D Printers for Nylon Plastic

3D Printers for Nylon Plastic

Product Features

  • Height: 0.1 IN, Length: 1.75 IN, Width: 1 IN
  • Spell out a message using binary, the 1s and 0s that make up computer and machine language.
  • Simply enter in your message and watch it automatically convert into beautiful binary jewelry. Click the “Personalize Now” button to start creating your own jewelry.
  • Necklaces come with (non 3D printed) silver-plated necklace chains.
  • This product is made from laser sintered nylon plastic. The material has a matte surface, and is strong with moderate flexibility. It comes in white, black, red, blue, purple, and pink. Choose your colors by clicking the “Personalize Now” button.

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