‘Create Your Own’ 3D Printed Dog Bone Tag, Small

Create Something Unique for Your Furry Friends

Dog Wearing Dog Bone Tag

Close Up of Dog Bone Tag

This cute charm is 3D printed in stainless steel. The surface texture is slightly rugged, creating an antique, vintage look. The material is stiff and tough just like traditionally manufactured steel. After all, our four-legged friends also need some cool stuff in their lives.

3D Printed in Metal

You may see ripples that look like tree rings around the curves of the model. This is because the Dog Bone Tag is 3D printed layer-by-layer using additive manufacturing techniques.

Why wait, start designing by clicking the Personalize Now button above.

Personalization Options

The personalization tool puts the power to create and personalize in your hands without requiring you to be familiar with 3D modeling or complex CAD software. You can view your creation in a 3D viewer and see your design change as you personalize it.

The Dog Bone Tag comes in small (1.2 inches) and large (1.9 inches) sizes—something for Chihuahuas and Great Danes alike. Enter up to 12 letters or numbers on the front (only Standard English alphanumeric characters are supported), and 15 letters or numbers on the back. Put your four-legged pal’s name and your phone number, in case the pooch wanders off chasing a squirrel or some other fascinating critter.

This Dog Bone Tag is available in plain stainless steel, gold plated stainless steel, and bronze plated stainless steel.

Dog Bone Tag in Small and Large Size

Small and Large Size with US Quarter

Plating Options for Dog Bone Tag

Different Plating Options

Why 3D Printing?

3D printing changes the traditional manufacturing paradigm by making it possible to make products catering to every individual’s unique preferences. Each item is solidified from powder layer by layer, thus eliminating the need for molds.

With 3D printing, we can cut down on product waste, offer more designs, and enable you to personalize products reflecting your imagination and need. And best of all, we will never run out of your size!

The 3D Printing Process

Your personalized Dog Bone Tag is made just for you with metal 3D printing technology.

A print head filled with binder solidifies the stainless steel powder in a tray layer by layer. Next, the product is carefully removed from its powder bed. Excess powder is recycled in the next print run.

Your product is then infused with bronze in a furnace. This hardens your product and gives it strength. Finally, it’s polished to smooth out the rough edges.

Some products may go through a gold or bronze plating process depending on your personalization choices. If you prefer a stainless steel finish, your product is left un-plated for a silvery steel finish. Every item is made on demand, which is why your item takes a little while to produce.

Cleaning a Metal 3D Printed Part

Cleaning a Metal 3D Printed Part

3D Printers for Stainless Steel

3D Printers for Stainless Steel

Product Features

  • Height: 0.5 IN, Length: 1.2 IN, Width: 0.16 IN
  • The front of the tag provides up to 12 characters for the name, while the back allows up to 15 characters for the phone number.
  • This item is made with 3D printed, bronze-infused stainless steel. Because this item is infused with bronze, un-plated stainless steel may show a slight tint of bronze.
  • You also have the option of plating your dog tag in gold or bronze at no extra fee.
  • The Dog Bone Tag may develop a patina over time due to exposure to the elements. This makes the writing stand out and gives it an aged, antique look.

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