Deluxe Black Case Cover W/chrome for Iphone 4 4G 4S AT&T Verizon Sprint

This case will protect your iPhone. It is plastic but also it is rubberized, so it feels very soft.

Product Features

  • This model is compatible: Hard case for iPhone 4G & 4S AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint.
  • Protect your phone from scratches, dirt and bumps.
  • Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone.
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quantity: 1

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3 thoughts on “Deluxe Black Case Cover W/chrome for Iphone 4 4G 4S AT&T Verizon Sprint”

  1. Read! Old review: I know other people say this is bad! But it’s awesome! It only took 4 days to ship to me, too! Does NOT look cheap at all. It doesn’t mess up camera, doesn’t hide ANY buttons, the case feels soft, it is NOT cheap and flimsy, and it is certainly the BEST case I ever got for my iPhone 4S White. I never tried taking this case off because it is so great!New review: After a few weeks, the case leaves black marks on your phone. Fast shipping, but cheap! The case does NOT put ANY protection for the front of your phone. The buttons fit well, but buyer beware! If you are trying to take a great photo in the dark (ex. 12:00 AM) it makes the flash horrible. I am looking forward to returning this case and I already ordered a new one.

  2. Classy I-Phone case One classy case for a great price. Not only looks good it’s sturdy and will protect the phone. It got to me in no time.

  3. One great case… Great case fits just right I would definitely order another one..n recommended ti any one the price is right.. very happy customer.

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