Dinosaur Adventure 3-D

It’s 65 Million Years Worth of Fun and LearningProduct InformationVelociraptor Stegosaurus the Mighty T-Rex: creatures your child has beenfascinated with since the beginning of time. Join Rolf the brave dinosaur andhis pteranodon sidekick Pterrance on a fun-filled adventure through thefascinating world of dinosaurs and prehistoric life on Paleo Island where youcan play and learn in three prehistoric periods: Triassic Jurassic andCretaceous.Product Features 7 engaging games and activities Over 18 exciting dinosaur movies 3-D graphics and animations Printable activity workbookWindows System Requirements Windows 2000 XP Vista Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)/li> Pentium II 300 MHz or faster 64 MB of RAM 10 MB free hard disk space 640×480 16-bit color display 3D Video Card with 4 MB memory Windows-compatible Sound Card and Speakers CD-ROM drive Printer (optional)

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2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Adventure 3-D”

  1. Great fun for small kids I bought this along with several other kids’ CD-ROM games when I decided to get a PC for my kids (2 and 3). This was one of the older titles and has pretty crude graphics by today’s standards, so I didn’t have the highest initial opinion of it. But over the months it has become the kids’ clear favorite. There are lots of games that even my 2-year-old, with very rough mousing skills, can master (BoneBuilder is his favorite). My 3-year-old has covered all the areas of the game but keeps coming back, she has shown no signs of getting bored of it. I think at that age there is still a high tolerance for repetition?Anyway, for the low price tag, this is a sure winner for smaller children.

  2. Great game My almost 5 year old daughter plays this game for hours. Lot’s of activities. It’s fun for her to find the dinosaur eggs and go on adventures. We have had this game for years and all my kid’s have loved it.

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