Eurocel Blue Masking Tape – Great for 3D Printing, 1.97-Inch by 55-Yard (1 Roll)

Blue Masking Tape – Ideal for 3D Printing. PLA print adhesion to this tape is superb, yet you’ll be able to remove the print with minimal effort. Each roll of Eurocel Masking Tape contains 50 meters (55 yards) of blue UV resistant waterproof paper backed with and acrylic water based adhesive. A heated bed is not required when printing on this tape. Sicad Group has been creating adhesive tapes for over 40 years and their products are well known all across Europe, especially in the automotive industry.

Product Features

  • Best In Class for 3D Printing
  • Good Adhesion Level
  • Easy Removal without Adhesive Residue
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Removable Without Breaking

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  1. I had issues with some other blue making tape with my 3D printer, but this one works great.I’m using a BuildTak print bed on my M3D printer. I like to print on blue tape so it prolongs the life of the print bed (I had tried printing directly on it and in some cases it will mar the surface, so I’m being more careful now).The problem I had been having was that while the print would stick to the tape just fine, the tape would peel away from the bed. Not good. With this…

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