Flip your Uncia 3D printer

Flip your Uncia to a down top model.

The increase in the quality of all your impressions, by completely eliminating the surface tension.

Save money when buying small amounts of resin. Now you can purchase different types and from different vendors without the need to buy at least two liters

Overall increase in performance of your printer.

And finally, a more professional and nice view.

The first step will be to disarm the inner corner where the stepper motor and platform construction is currently supported.

This piece will not use more. We require all the space in the bottom of the printer to stay there the projector.

You need everything at hand, all printed pieces, pieces of MDF and screws required for assembly.

Begin to understand the plans is the best idea. Please note that construction time will be about 5 0 6 hours. Have patience.

With the help of the drawings and measurements, make holes to your printer. You can start with the base supports, always correcting your measurements before drilling.

Be sure to use the right tool and a good metal bracket to make holes very precisely that depends as you do not have problems later.

Good luck