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The byFormica Experimental Starter Formicarium is designed for beginner- to intermediate-level hobbyists* to observe complete ant colonies with a queen and brood**. The Forge Bundle includes the essential ingredients you need to house, feed, and observe your small or young ant colony in a one-of-a-kind habitat that is durable, customizable, and infinitely reusable.

Make it your own:

The modular design allows for savvy users to install 3D printed tunnels and chambers in a standard format (3D printer required). Templates are available at Meanwhile, two, user-swappable modules are included that should be compatible with most ant species, small or large. Customization tools and materials may be purchased separately, allowing the user to tailor the look and feel of the habitat.

Feeding options:

The 1/2″ connection port allows the unit to be attached flush to the wall of an outworld or foraging area. The included Feeding Station provides the youngest colonies with access to a temporary foraging area until the colony grows larger. byFormica’s exclusive Formula ant foods is included, which may be prepared as either a gel or a liquid. ┬áPurchase a byFormica Liquid Feeder and Silicone Food Mold to make preparation and feeding easier.

The Forge Bundle includes:

  • (1) Mineral-filled durable plastic main housing
  • (1) Module for small- to medium-sized ants
  • (1) Module for medium- to large-sized ants
  • (1) byFormica Formula Ant Food Sample
  • (1) Feeding Station with lid
* This product is not a toy, and is recommended for professional consumer use only.
** Does not include live ants. The manufacturer does not sell or ship ants. A queen ant must be obtained in order to use this product as intended.

Product Features

  • A unique habitat that is durable, customizable, and infinitely reusable
  • Glow-in-the-dark modules let users see what goes on when the lights go off
  • Ant food sample and feeding station included
  • Expert antkeeping support at Two-year warranty
  • Two-year warranty

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