From Bits to Pieces: The Business Innovation Opportunities of 3D Printing

3D printing is generating more and more news and interest. It is a digital factory that makes just about any small object out of powder and filament: titanium aircraft parts, running shoes, customized jewelry, prosthetics and even human skin.
This is the first management book that goes beyond the “gee whiz” of 3D printing to how it is being used to create business value. It scans the landscape of car makers, construction companies, consumer goods firms and many others to highlight both the innovations and best practices and their lessons for your firm’s innovation agenda. It provides a succinct guide to the key terms and concepts of the technology, materials and options.
From Bits to Pieces is a business briefing for action: non-hype, full of real and rich examples, comprehensive and realistic.
Forbes calls 3D printing the next trillion industry. How will your firm gets its share? The Economist predicts it is likely to be as consequential as the invention of the factory. What does that mean for management action?

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