Gizmo Dorks 3D Print Removal Tool, 5-inch Blade

Simple tool that helps with the struggle of removing your 3D prints from the print bed. The thin edge slides gently underneath without damaging the print or the print surface. There is enough flex in the blade to provide leverage to pop the print off. The 5-inch blade will get under your largest prints, while the offset blade allows you to get right up to the print edge.

Product Features

  • Simple tool to help remove 3D prints from print bed
  • Thin blade profile slides underneath prints
  • 5-inch flexible blade to reach different size prints
  • Offset blade allows for a safer angle to protect print and print bed
  • Wood handle with grips for superior control

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3 thoughts on “Gizmo Dorks 3D Print Removal Tool, 5-inch Blade”

  1. YOU NEED THIS! Stop arguing with me.. I said you need this. buy it now!Seriously though this thing is not a re-purposed frosting knife. It is a tool made specifically for removing 3d prints from the build platform. It works great! The end is very sharp to get under your prints. I accidentally cut a couple of my thin flat prints through the middle before I learned how to use the tool better but that was totally my fault and a learning experience. Just wanted to make the point that…

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