Gorilla Grip 30ml Bottle ABS Build Platform Adhesive Green

Gorilla Grip is specifically developed for 3D printing with ABS filament. 
Just a small amount applied with the supplied brush applicator will create a super tight bond between the heated build plate and printed part. 
Use this product to help control warping and edge lifting of ABS print jobs. 
Greatly enhances print quality and reliability. Choose a color that closely matches your print job to minimize part cleanup after printing. 
Works well on glass or kapton covered build plates and allows for reduced build plate temperatures. 
Colors available at this time are Red, Black, Green, Orange, Gray and Yellow. This is price per bottle and each bottle will last approximately 100 small to medium applications.

Product Features

  • Works on Glass, Kapton covered and Bare Aluminum Build Platforms
  • Enhances build quality by controlling warpage
  • One bottle lasts many applications
  • Multiple colors to reduce part staining during the build process
  • Holds tighter than Kapton, painters tape, hair spray or glue sticks

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