How 3D Printers Are Revolutionising Dentistry in India

When you think about the dentist, you’re probably not thinking about high tech gadgets – at the most, you’re probably thinking about those fancy chairs, and those fearsome drills and other instruments of terror. But it turns out that dental labs and dental hospitals are picking up on one of the most exciting areas in technology today – 3D printing.

Although medical 3D printing does exist, don’t get too excited here – these printers don’t print out a replacement tooth for you on demand, or anything like that. That’s in the pipeline, but right now, the printers are used to fabricate stone models quickly and accurately – the models can then be used to plan your procedure.

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Altem Technologies is one of the biggest distributors of 3D printers in India, and the leading partner for Stratasys. Gadgets 360 had earlier spoken to Altem’s founder-director Prasad Rodagi about the use of 3D printers in commercial applications, and spoke to him recently about dental 3D printing, a relatively new use for the technology in India. According to Rodagi, this kind of use for 3D printers is part of a process that’s collectively known as digital dentistry.

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