HTPOW 1000mw Mini USB Laser Engraver DIY Art Craft Printer Cutting Machine

The HTPOW 1000mw MINI Laser Engraver Cutter Machine , As A Toy for DIY Hobbyist, just Enjoy Is Capabilities: this Machine is a Very Nice Balance of Performance and Value in a very Small Footprint. Engrave, Decorate, Or Personalize A Wide Variety Of Materials–From Ivory to Bubinga to Hard Wood to Plastic to Bamboo to Leather to Paper and other Flammable Materials. Engrave Your Wedding Date On A Leather Purse For A Special Anniversary Gift Or Wedding Favor, Or Embellish A Small Christmas/Birthday/Holiday Wooden Card With A Lovely Engraved Design,DIY Special Cute Gifts for your Families or Friends.Ideal for Decorative Engraving by Personalizing Your Valuables.

Engraving Area: 38x38mm
Carved Object Height: 6.8cm
Product Size: 140*140*213mm
Shell Material: Fe+Al Alloy
Laser Type: Blue Violet Laser
Software: Support Windows 7/8/10/XP
Net weight 1kg

IMPORTANT NOTE:You might need to temporarily shut down the antivirus software before downloading the software. Otherwise some files in the software would be mistaken for virus and deleted by antivirus software.

IF can’t Carving ,What’s should you do?
1.Please make sure your computer is WIN system.
2.The USB port is connected to the Computer.
3.The Engraving Focal Length of Different Object is Different,need to Adjust the Focal Length of the Laser.
4.If after using multiple can’t Carving Full Image, It is because of non-standard operation, you need to slide laser and sliding table manually to the origin.

The Carving Burning Time on the Different Material Item

Packing List:
1* HTPOW Laser Engraving Machine
1*Power Cable with US Adapter
1*USB Data Cable
1* 2.0 U- Disk(Software)
2*Small Wood Board

Product Features

  • Fits for Windows 7/8/10/XP only,Support our Professional English Design Software,Engraving is 10 times faster;Directly charged by power bank or computer , simple and convenient.
  • Suitable for Carving: Seals,Ivory,Bubinga,Hard Wood, Plastic, Bamboo,Leather, Paper and other Flammable Materials,Can’t engrave any kind of Metal or Glass.The software is quickly and easily loaded. It’s needs to import photos and images into the default folder in Windows and just “drag” them into the editing box.
  • AC 110V Power Adapter ,Durable Fe+Al Alloy Frame with Blue Violet 405nm Laser Wavelength,it will makes your DIY more Stable and Easy
  • Can be used offline, Even if to leave the computer,Only connect the USB port to charger or power bank (5V,2A);512×512 high Resolution Print. Soft material can print out the 3D and the gradient effect
  • HIGH POWER+HIGH SPEED+HIGH PRECISION,the 1000mw laser allows for DARKER and DEEPER Engravings which can also be had by having the head move at a slower speed

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  1. It has many great features and does exactly what I want it to This HTPOW 1000mw (Why not just call it one watt? I guess 1000 sounds better) laser engraver is going to be a permanent feature on my desk for the foreseeable future. It has many great features and does exactly what I want it to. Check out my video for a look at how it works.I am getting a small woodworking business off the ground by myself and I’m going to be using this engraver to engrave my company logo on small wooden tags that I will…

  2. Good learning tool It isn’t extremely sturdy. Do not adjust the laser focus, I am having trouble resetting mine now. Also, do not try and take off the plate to study the control board, it is fastened in such a way you need needle nose pliers to even get it back on. I am trying to convert this into a SLA printer, so I needed a peak at the internals. I would advise against it unless you need inside. Its a neat little laser machine, but it is not for anything more than hobby level projects.Overall for…

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