iGadgitz Black Water Resistant Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for HTC Evo 3D Android Smartphone Cell Phone

This custom made armband is designed specifically for the HTC Evo 3D. Silk printing for full use of the volume controls and power button through the case. Made from water resistant neoprene material. Perfect for use in the gym, jogging, cycling, beach, etc. Fully adjustable.

Not suitable for use with any other HTC smartphone.

Product Features

  • iGadgitz custom made neoprene armband only for HTC Evo 3D.
  • Produced from light-weight neoprene, it protects your phone from chips and scratches.
  • Silk Printing for the volume and power buttons to allow for full functionality during exercise.
  • Headphone tidy to tie up headphone slack.
  • Secure adjustable armband – one size fits all. Minimum arm circ 26cm; Max 44cm.

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2 thoughts on “iGadgitz Black Water Resistant Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for HTC Evo 3D Android Smartphone Cell Phone”

  1. No issues, custom size! I always wanted one of these things for my blackberry, and never bought one. I finally dumped AT&T and their constant dropped calls and got the Sprint HTC EVO 3D. The first accessory I bought was this case. It wasn’t reviewed, but it looked a little more custom then the rest, and the brand itself had great reviews.PROS:Fits the phone perfectlyYou can control the phone through the plastic (of course)Good comfortable tightening mechanismWell thought out stitching holds it to your armDoes not seem cheapGreat valueCONS:No hole for the charger, though that could go either way.*Glossy window makes phone slightly hard to read in broad daylightI have the DC Ragnar Relay race coming up this weekend, if this thing isn’t awesome I’ll come back and change my review.EDIT:OK, so I ran the race, which was fairly rainy. My phone did not get wet and really I had no issues with the armband whatsover. The phone is sort of hard to read upside down, so maybe the trick is to put the armband on upside down, so the phone will be right side up? I did not have to “pull up” the armband much while I was running, maybe every 5 miles or so. I was happy with it, I used it for all 3 legs of the race and I’ll continue to use it going forward.

  2. Great potential, poor execution I had high expectations for this product given the good reviews other customers had written. My HTC Evo 4G fits very well in this armband – touchscreen is still workable, comfortable fit, and looks good, too.I wear this thing daily on my bike commute and it worked great. Worked, as in past tense. Within only a couple weeks I noticed that this armband would end up sliding down my upper arm. I initially thought the issue was the fabric of my shirts and my arm flexing.Now after several weeks, I have figured out the problem and it’s not my shirts. It’s the velcro and I am surprised I didn’t see other customers write on this problem. My armband is unwearable now because the soft part of the velcro (that part you press the pull tab onto to tighten it up) has literally pulled apart. The velcro no longer sticks to itself. Shredded would/might be a better way to describe it. So I wrap this band around my arm, press the end of it onto the soft part of the velcro and it remains there right until I move my arm and then it comes apart. I dropped my phone twice from shoulder height today after tightening the armband, then raising my arm to put on my jacet the band let loose and slipped off my arm.I’ll be contacting the seller to see what can be done, and I hope they’re willing to work with me on this issue. I’ll follow up with an update.EDIT 3/10/2011This product is now completely unusable. The strap will not velcro to itself.I have emailed the company/seller and received no response at all.

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