iPhone 4 / 4S Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint – Matte Finishing Screen Protector

Protect your iPhone 4 / 4S screen with anti-glare screen protector. Our screen protector feature full front protection for iPhone 4 / 4S screen. Protect your iPhone 4 screen with HHI screen protectors today.

Product Features

  • Anti Glare / Matte screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Perfect fit: precisely engineered to fit your phone perfectly
  • Value combo includes per order: one iPhone screen protectors
  • Protect your screen from dust, scratches, smudges

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 / 4S Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint – Matte Finishing Screen Protector”

  1. Excellent Screen Protector I like to buy the best products out there, which normally means I buy the more expensive items. But come on, this is a piece of plastic to protect my iPhone 4 screen. I have only bought a screen protector once before, for my toddler’s iTouch, and had bubbles all over the screen. So I thought these screen protectors were all garbage. But after getting a big scare by accidentally putting my iphone in my pocket with my car keys, and getting a very light scratch on my screen, I thought I’d give these screen protectors another try.And again, I thought I’d try some of the cheapest at Amazon, because, well, it’s just a piece of plastic. If I was wrong, I was only out a buck or so, and could then go and buy the expensive screen protectors. But this time, I researched around and read some blogs, and found out dust is the culprit for bubbles. Taking that advice, I followed the directions and was able to put the screen protectors on 2 iPhones bubble-free! Here’s what I did:1. I chose my desk as the place to do the application. I wiped it down with an all-purpose cleaner, then wiped it down with a damp wash-cloth. I also did this during the day, with bright sunlight coming into the room. Do not try this at night, I don’t think it shows all the dust hitting the screen.2. Turn off your iPhone. You want to make sure the screen stays black, it’s much easier seeing dust.3. I then used another damp wash-cloth (if you squeeze it and water comes out, it’s too wet. It needs to be barely damp), and wiped down my iPhone, front and back.4. Then I got the little piece of cloth that shipped with the screen protectors and wiped the screen down until it was as clean as I could get it.5. The iPhone was laid down on the damp cloth so it wouldn’t rock and slide as i was applying the screen protector.6. Peel off “Side 1”, and start by lining up the camera hole and the ear hole. Then slowly lay down the rest of the protector on the screen, making sure no bubbles form as you go. You will get some, but if you do it right, they will only be near the edges.7. Once it’s laid down, then take a fingernail and apply gentle pressure from the center of the screen towards the edge. Basically driving the bubble out from underneath the screen protector.8. The last step, peel off “Side 2”.9. Done!Should only take about 5-10 mins. But it’s so worth it. I bought the matte version of these and it’s a nice improvement.So my initial assessment that screen protectors are garbage is wrong, my technique at applying the screen protectors was garbage. A little bit of homework on the Internet, dust control, and I got a quality result. I highly recommend these screen protectors from this seller. I’d buy them again!

  2. Great fit and finish I was surprised at how good the quality and the feel was for the price and at how it PERFECTLY fit. PERFECT!!! Even around the home button it was cut exctly right. This screen protector rivals even the ones around $10-15. For 2 bucks your gonna be the happiesr iphone user out there, i guarantee it.

  3. Excellent Anti- Glare Protector I’ve installed this set on my sister’s iPhone 4s. At first inspection the protectors seems like ordinary clear protectors. But once installed and the second film is removed you can see that it is indeed anti-glare. Feels very smooth when you slide your fingers and leaves no fingerprints like glossy screen protectors. Had no problem with air bubbles when applying, removed the few dust particles with tape. Wish there was a similar priced-pack for iPad.

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