Large Pin Art/Black

Large pin art 7 inch x 5 inch. An imaginative, fun sculpture , images create an everlasting piece of art for the office or home. It’s a great conversation piece and a terrific gift. Entertaining and unique executive office toy.

Product Features

  • Recommended Age Rage Five & Up

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3 thoughts on “Large Pin Art/Black”

  1. Very poorly made, arrived broken I always do my homework by reading the amazon reviews for items I plan to buy. I read about the poor construction of this toy, but given a lack of other choices, I decided to take my chances anyway and hope for the best. Sure enough, 2 of the 6 pins holding this toy together were broken upon arrival. Instead of going through the return hassle, I just moved the 4 good pins to the corners for now to keep it secure, and I’ll look for my own hardware to fix it myself. There was no box damage at all; this toy just isn’t very durable. If you decide to buy anyway, I hope you are luckier than I was!-Tony

  2. Might want to consider plastic pin versions – not good for children This product uses metal pins and several of the pins on mine were a little bent so did not always pop back quickly. I could easily straignten though. Also the ends of the pins seem to have been cut with a wire cutter and not rounded. Therefore when you push against your hand or other body part the sharp edges can hurt. Also the pins will not push very far in as they seem to get stuck due to hitting each other. Build quality is poor on this product.As the pins are metal product is quite heavy and will not balance on its side or end when many of the pins extended so if you want to leave a display of a pressing you need to be sure a lot of pins pushed in.If you want a metal version I would suggest looking for one with rounded pin ends and better build quality of look at one with plastic pins

  3. Great toy for children with special needs Our son is autistic and hard to find toys he likes. His brother had a similar toy and he picked it up and wanted to play with everyday. He likes sensory toys. He likes the feel and sound of certain toys. He is 24 and non-verbal but, the smile on his face says how much he enjoys playing with it. I’m sure younger ages would like this, also.

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