Luna Bean Deluxe Baby Casting Kit

ITEMS INCLUDED: ~7 bags of molding powder in 2 sizes; ~7 bags of casting stone; ~7 reusable plastic molding containers in 3 different shapes/sizes; ~mixing spoons & sticks; ~disposable stone transfer pippette; ~2 paint brushes & metallic pearl finish; ~sanding papers & detailing pin; ~hole punch & ribbon (for baby bottom); ~complete instructions. Overall, the materials will accommodate a foot up to about an infant shoe size 3 (the average age for this is 9 months) and/or an infant hand up to about age 12 months. However, every child is different and if you are unsure, measure the baby’s foot. (The foot casting tray is about 5 inches long and you want to have a little wiggle room.) [Party Packs are available for larger quantities castings and/or larger castings.] How is a 3D casting made? Mix the molding powder with water (cool setting, nontoxic & non allergenic) and insert the foot or hand (or dip baby bottom). Hold baby’s foot or hand in ther material for about 45-60 seconds. Wiggling is not a problem as long as your child’s foot or hand remains submerged in the molding material until it sets. Remove foot, hand, or bottom leaving behind a negative 3D mold. That mold is then filled with casting stone. Once hardened, the molding material is peeled away to reveal the stone staue. Note: Your child never comes into contact with casting stone.

Product Features

  • Create a 3D exact replica of baby’s hands, feet and/or bottom.
  • Easy, Safe & Wiggle-Friendly. Baby is involved for less than 2 minutes.
  • The rubbery nontoxic mold captures every precious detail down to fingerprints.
  • This kit contains the materials for 7 castings: 2 feet, 2 hands, 1 baby bottom & 2 extra sets (for trials runs, etc).
  • Acrylic metallic pearl finishing paint included.

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2 thoughts on “Luna Bean Deluxe Baby Casting Kit”

  1. Wonderful! My first reaction is that I wish I had been able to do this for my first two children. I didn’t think this would work very well and that I would be happy if I got one or two casts out of seven with results half as good as the photo, but this kit by far exceeded my expectations. The results are amazing and I would suggest asking for the pearl finish – it makes them look that much better and shows all the tiny creases and print detail.Don’t take lightly the suggestion to have a helper. I don’t know if I could have done it alone. Also, feeding baby worked best for us – more so than a sleeping baby as there is the chance of them waking in the middle of the process. Other than that, have fun! You will be glad you tried it.

  2. LOVE this easy and unique Bought these castings with my first baby. Such an easy product to use and clean. Make great keepsakes for your child as they grow. Shows every little, fine detail and wrinkle. Mine turn out great everytime – have made 5 castings now and son is 3. Can’t wait to make for new baby! Fun and easy!!Best product like this I have used!

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