M3 Stud Thermistor + cable for Reprap 3D Printer Extruder V5 or V6 Hotend Prusa i3

Easy to install Hex M3 Stud Thermistor features:

M3 stud threaded length is 3mm. This will allow to use shallower M3 threaded holes.
Hex Body length: 6mm
Length of leads: 55mm

Package Contents

1 x Hex Thermistor based on NTC EPCOS B57560G1104F 100k Thermistor.
1 x JST Male connector with crimp-on pins.
1 x 1 meter long cable with JST connector on one side and dupont connectors (like for RAMPS) on other side.

Product Features

  • Based on EPCOS 100K Thermistor B57560G1104F.
  • Working temperature limit of 280C due to high temp. industrial epoxy resin used.
  • Connector type: JST 2 pin connector, 2.5mm spacing.
  • 1 meter long connection cable supplied

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2 thoughts on “M3 Stud Thermistor + cable for Reprap 3D Printer Extruder V5 or V6 Hotend Prusa i3”

  1. Great replacement for Monoprice Maker Select extruder thermistor Great replacement for Monoprice Maker Select extruder thermistor. It screws right into the hole which normally is used for the screw which holds in the non-screw type thermistor. My old thermistor was reading incorrect values so I needed a PID tune after putting this one in but otherwise no changes were necessary. I suspect it should work as a direct replacement for any Wanhao I3 or clone. If you buy one with a different temperature table you have to recompile the firmware and use some…

  2. When putting an all-metal hotend onto my monoprice maker select v.2, I broke the thermistor off its cables. This is an excellent replacement. It works perfectly and is no hassle to install at all, just screw the metal thermistor with the white small cord in the hole the original thermister came out of and plus the little white cord in and you are good to go! No need to thread the red cord, the maker select v. 2 doesn’t need it if you just broke the thermistor cart!Great product, I…

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