MakerBot Build Plate Tape, Replicator 5th Generation (Pack of 10)

Build Plate Tape for MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (Fifth Generation Model) makes it even easier to neatly remove 3D prints from your build plate.

Product Features

  • Comes in packages of 10 sheets
  • Surface area of 25.7 L x 20.6 W cm [10.1 L x 8.1 W in], perfect for covering your build plate
  • Single sheets make it easy to apply and remove tape from the build plate
  • Medium adhesion makes Build Plate Tape easy to remove

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2 thoughts on “MakerBot Build Plate Tape, Replicator 5th Generation (Pack of 10)”

  1. Impressive durability! Okay, I didn’t think build plate tape was going to warrant a review, but I am super impressed with this stuff. I’m not using it on a Replicator (I’ve got a Wanhao Duplicator i3), and I’ve only used it for PLA, but it’s better than any other tape I’ve used.It goes on super easily — I didn’t have any trouble at all with bubbles. My build plate is only 8×8″, so I cut off the last couple of inches and figured I’d hold onto it for if I needed to replace a section of the tape some time…

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