Mbot MB3D101 GRID II 3D Printer 250*220*190mm Build Volume Single Head Extruder

The GRID II is a third generation printer from mbot3D. This sturdy metal frame 3d printer has one of the biggest build sizes on the market for desktop 3D Printers, 250x220x190mm. It is available in single head or dual head configuration.The new printer features an automatic build plate calibration system that guides the user through the setup and then at every print probes the surface and uses the calibrated distance. The printer also features a glass build plate , and a magnetic build plate holder making it a breeze to remove your build plate to remove your prints, which ensures your build plate calibration is kept in top condition.The mbot3D GRID II also feature single or dual print fans to make sure your PLA prints are perfect every time!The printer is bundled with a SD card, and an exclusive tool box with the basic tools need for maintenance of the printer.

Product Features

  • Shipped from USA
  • Service in USA
  • Warranty from USA

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  1. Awesome prints, with a bit of work I was a 3D printing newbie before I got this printer, and have learned quite a bit in the last 6 months of using it. I have a lot to say about it, but I will try to post just the main points here.Thoughts:– When it works, the prints are *awesome*. Its accuracy is very good, and I now have it working with all major filaments (as much as it can, without a heated print bed).–I have used both the SD card reader, and direct USB. They both work without issue, though…

  2. The 3D Printer This my review of the Mbot cube 3D PrinterPros: Shipping was as promised, the Printer was packaged very robust, the package had a manual with nice company logo. The Printer was black anodized and had hanging LED lights and drive belt. The Housing is very robust. The power plug was very good.Cons: The Printer arrived with a broken rail holder which was promised to be self repairable with parts the company would have sent to me. The…

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