Mbot Personal 3d Printer

More information please visit: http://www.mbot3d.com/products/personal-3d-printer-colorful-version
Please note this 3d printer is not made by MakerBot, but it is compatible with MakerBot.

You will get:

1. A fully assembled and tested machine with Heated Bed Platform and MK7 Extruder
2. One Filament 1kg package free
***Assembled Machine***Availability: Ships with a 5-10 days lead time for this color version.***

Generation 4 Electronics:

print LCD control board is not inclued now.
Please note that this new extruder is intended for 1.75mm filament only!

MBot Personal 3D Printer

Our best-selling pre-assembled 3D printer – perfect for the office, classroom or home environment.

Clear and open design.
Clean, tidy nozzle and purging area – easily removable.
Can be placed and operated anywhere (with power). Machine
Easy to use and maintain, no need for maintenance contracts.

One piece heater barrel allows easy material change.
Improved head to bed adjustment makes for easy maneuvering.

Complemented by Open source Software

Purpose written software to easily convert your STL files ready for printing.

Built-in features for simple and cost-effective upgrades.

Free firmware upgrade path – as software development continues,
users will also benefit at no extra cost.

Designed and engineered to be accurate and robust yet simple.

Extremely rigid, durable frame providing excellent mechanical stiffness.
Increased z move speed and accuracy.
Improved ultra-compact extruders deliver material with control and precision.

Product Features

  • A fully assembled and tested machine with Heated Bed Platform and MK7 Extruder

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