Mcdectech-Metal MK8 0.4mm 1.75mm Extruder for MakerBot Prusa i3 ORD Bot Reprap Wilson 3D printer


The new version of MK7 extruder which gives 35% more power. Its 42HD4412-02-A stepping motor helps you solve the problems of uneven extrusion, regularly plugging, material reloading. The MK8 extruder has outstanding quality and the best performance for DIY and professional systems.

The extrusion nozzle: 0.4mm

Chock: 1.75mm

The material of Print: 1.75mm PLA/ABS

The flow rate of Nozzle: about 24cc / h

Sports shaft speed:100mm/s

The voltage of heating nozzle: 12V

Thermistor: 100K NTC

Cartridge heater: 100K NTC

The operating voltage of cooling fan: 12V

Heating rods: 6mm, 12V, 30W

Net weight: 425g

Normal working temperature: 190°-250°

NOTE: Make sure the maximum temperature is less than 280°


42mm high quality stepper motor with larger torque and less heat buildup

Special ceramic insulation cotton ensures the stability of heating; electricity-saving

Direct transmission, without the heavy gears, compact size and weight

A variety of specifications to choose, the most suitable is the best

Package list:

MK8 extruder

Product Features

  • Nozzle: 0.4mm
  • Filament size: 1.75mm PLA/ABS or other 3d print materials
  • Sports shaft speed:10-100mm/s
  • Flow rate of Nozzle:max 100mm/s,Support for high speed printing
  • Heating nozzle voltage: 12 v

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2 thoughts on “Mcdectech-Metal MK8 0.4mm 1.75mm Extruder for MakerBot Prusa i3 ORD Bot Reprap Wilson 3D printer”

  1. Working really well so far Printed several test cubes and a couple of real items so far and it is working very well. Tempted to purchase some additional nozzles for finer prints. I am using this on an M505 I3 Prusa RepRap. I had to cut out part of the metal bracket on my extruder carriage to account for the filament button that sticks out slightly. But that is not a problem with the extruder but merely my setup.I had to make some adjustments to my firmware of course but it seems like setting Marlin on 16…

  2. Finally!In the process of building my first 3D printer and learning as I go (I’m good with electronics, but not especially experienced with mechanisms), I’d tried probably four or five extruder setups, only to have all of them jam irretrievably sooner or later.In desperation, I bought this one, since it was a complete, stick-it-on-the-gantry-and-wire-it-up solution.It has worked beautifully, and saved my 3D printer from a completely undeserved defenestration…

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