Mirage 3-D Instant Hologram Maker

Try to touch the object that appears on top of this fascinating optic mirage disc… there’s nothing there! The object is actually below. effect. 9″ diameter. Even when photgraphed, the object appears to be on top.

Product Features

  • Creates an optical illusion from small objects placed inside
  • Projects amazing three-dimensional images using two concave mirrors
  • Even when photgraphed, the object appears to be on top
  • 9″ diameter

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2 thoughts on “Mirage 3-D Instant Hologram Maker”

  1. illusions Simply amazing optical illusion. It is only completely effective when viewed from a range of angles – but it is completely convincing when you are viewing in this range. Objects that can be used with this size mirage are kind of small, but it is probably not worth getting the lager size mirage because of the cost. This is a nice novelty item for someone with an empty desk.

  2. Great illusion OK, these aren’t laser generated holograms but it works great, and is a fun teaching tool. Good for science fair projects and a novel coffee table item. Product came quickly and was well packed for shipping. Had good service from this vendor.

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