New! 3D Fuse ABS PLA 3D printer part glue, 2oz, solvent adhesive for 3D printed parts

3D FuseTM is specially formulated to permanently bond your 3D printed parts. The syrup-like consistency fills gaps and is easy to use. Initial bond within 5 minutes, substantial hold within one hour, full cure in 24 hours. Clamping is not usually necessary. The glued joint will be the strongest part of your print. Keep out of reach of children. When gluing 3D printed parts, there are several choices. Cyanoacrylate (super) glue works fast, but can be brittle and cause discoloration to your prints, as well as bond fingers or eyes in seconds. Two-part epoxy is difficult to use and can be wasteful. Use the #1 choice in bonding 3D printed parts: 3DFuseTM.

Product Features

  • Solvent adhesive for 3D printed parts
  • Permanently fuses parts together
  • Use on ABS, PLA, and many other types of plastic
  • Syrupy consistency in an easy to control squeeze tube
  • Specially formulated for thermoplastics and made in USA

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