Non-pigmented, Natural, 18 lb (8.16 kg), PLA Plastic Resin Pellets for 3D Printing

BlackMagic3D offers high quality plastic resin pellets in small and large quantities for hobbyists and technicians to create their own filaments. These pellets work with your desktop extruder (Filabot, Filastruder, Lyman, Noztek etc.) or pellet-based 3D printer. By combining various pellets, you can create your own beautiful color variations and even make multicolored filaments. By combining BlackMagic3D’s “Natural” translucent pellets with colored pellets, the user can create a range of finishes from translucent to more opaque and pearlescent. Average melt temperature is 210oC (410oF). Tips: Desktop extruding is experimental so your results may vary. Keep filament as dry as possible and store with desiccant dryers for best results. Pellets that have been exposed to atmospheric conditions should be dried before using by treating them with a small dehumidifier or dehydrator. In order to make a homogenous mixture, combine all colors desired into a container and shake until thoroughly mixed before extruding.

Product Features

  • Make your own color filament. Creativity Flexibility.
  • Produces a durable filament.
  • For use with desktop extruders and pellet-based 3D printers.
  • Natural non pigmented filament is food safe.

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