Objet Geometries Adds New 3D Printer to Connex Lineup

Object Geometries adds a new model to its Connex brand with the release of Objet260 Connex.

3D printer maker Objet Geometries seems to be following a two-year release cycle for its Connex brand. In 2007 the company released Objet500 Connex, followed by Objet350 Connex in 2009. This year, it released Object260 Connex. Described as a “compact, affordable” cousin of its predecessors, Objet260 is distinguished by its ability to jet two materials at the same time.

According to Objet, “This technology allows users to select from a large range of composite materials when building 3D models, such as Objet’s recently released ABS-like material. The system can also print a model replica made of up to 14 individual materials in a single print run.”

In the product spec sheet, Objet explains, “From a base of 14 cartridge-ready materials, users can create up to 51 composite, digital materials based on various combinations of the original 14.” The option to mix materials will be crucial for those who need to mimic components with different textures and tensile strengths in their prototypes.

The printer measures 1,200 x 735 x 870 mm (47 x 28 x 34 inch). The build tray measures 260 x 260 x 200 mm (10 x 10x 7 inch).

With the new model, Object is targeting the medical equipment, consumer electronics, and consumer goods industries. With a comparatively smaller form factor and lower price, Object also hopes to attract research institutes.

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