Oliver Machinery 1013 IntelliCarve Automatic Carving Machine

Product Features

  • I-Picture patented software included
  • Very easy to use; only basic computer skills necessary
  • Everything to get started is included
  • Stepper motors and ball screws move the DC brushless motor and spindle along IGUS bearings and guides for superior accuracy
  • Sturdy construction of aluminum and composite materials ensure long life

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3 thoughts on “Oliver Machinery 1013 IntelliCarve Automatic Carving Machine”

  1. Great machine, made from good quality parts This is my first CNC machine. I looked into several other brands in this approximate price range and settled after researching on the Intellicarve.It comes with a good warranty (one that you do not have to pay extra for, like some brands). Software was simple to install and use, I installed it onmy laptop as well as my I7 desktop with no problems. The i-Picture software is easy to use and a good video on it’s use comes with the software on thethe memory stick. I recommend making an identical copy of the memory stick, I made mine on a 4gb memory stick just to be safe. The machine ran flawlesslyright out of the box. The manual is good, but more is better in this area. I would like to see more examples, more hints and tips, and more writtenon the way to lubricate the machine, I could likely get the job done, but some pictures and step by step directions would be nice. The manual mentionsthe G code from other software, but it should expand this topic to help the purchasers of this machine get started and know it’s capabilities better. Allin all if the Intellicare is in your price range and the size of the machine is adequate, this is a great machine. It is build to last with good qualityparts. I would recommend this machine. I haven’t found a blog or other machine specific website that is helpful yet, but that would be nice to as well.

  2. problems which were resolved had it just under a month and the machine broke, the spindle became disconnected from the motor.It took two weeks but my problem was resolved, they sent me a new motor and I installed it myself and the machine works good as new now.

  3. Does what they say it does, but…. Does what it says it does, however all curves are stepped and require substantial sanding or other hand work. As a solution you can run Artcam (additional purchase $149.00) and this does a reasonable job however, as stated in the manual, problems do arise in the Y axis. The Y axis gets out of calibration as the machining proceeds, this causes mislocations when the machine repositions to a new location in the Y axis. This is expecially noticable when through cutting because the deeper levels are stepped, or at the end of a maching operation when the machine attempts to return to it’s home position. The out of calibration in the Y axis may trip the manual limit switch and the machine shuts down. This looses the values of the start location in machine memory, and unless you have written down the starting location coordinates to digitally realign with the original start point, it is unlikely you can exactly realign manually with the original orgin. This results in all further machining operations being slightly misaligned with the earilier operations. Hence any multi-step operations, such as when a cutting tool change is required, become unpredictable since the Y axis likely will not experience the exact same changes in calibration.It’s too bad there isn’t an alternative machine, at least that I’m aware of, priced between this machine at approximately $2000 and others with more capabilities,like the Oliver 1015 or the Shark both priced in the $4200 range.

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