OLO is the world's first smartphone 3-D printer

  • OLO is the world's first smartphone 3-D printer

OLO apparently have become the world’s first Smartphone 3D Printer.

They first came into limelight when they won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award. The aim of the team is to develop something that can be used by anyone in the world. Now, they have developed the world’s first ever smartphone 3D printer.

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All you need is a smartphone (which you probably already have) and the parts provided by OLO and you can 3D print anything you want. OLO said that they have been working hard from past 2 years to develop to make an affordable 3D printer that anyone can print in 3D. Their 3D printer just costs $99. Currently, there are many 3D printers available but all of them are pretty expensive to be afforded by an individual, hence are generally bought by general bodies like organizations,hospitals, universities etc. 

OLO is made up of just 7 plastic parts, one chip and one motor, that’s it. Just bring your smartphone and everything’s set. OLO will introduce a new material known as ‘daylight resins’. The reason for the name is due to the hardening of materials under the white light of a smartphone screen. 
The 3D printer by OLO cannot be used for professional printing. High accuracy hard and flexible materials allows OLO to be used for making any application.

Some of the resin remains unused which can be reused next time. OLO’s app works on Android, iOS and Windows devices. It lets users share their creations from the app itself.