OLO – The First Smartphone 3D Printer

OLO – The First Smartphone 3D Printer.

The 3D printing tech is getting more mainstream than ever. If ten years ago 3D printing for consumers was a scene from a sci-fi movie, now it is realer than ever. OLO is the first mobile 3D printer ready to hit the market for only $99. And, by “mobile” we do not mean just easy to move but cell phone powered.

OLO is a miniature but innovative SLA 3D printer that works with liquid resin. Made by a startup in San Francisco, the first smartphone 3D printer uses the flashlight and the screen light of your smartphone to cure the special resin and turn it into objects.

It is a special resin that hardens when exposed to a specific light spectrums and this is the key. OLO goes even further and comes with an app, which lets you send your friends objects, which they can print in 3D, just as you send texts, and photos.

OLO – The First Portable Smartphone 3D Printer

OLO works with most smartphones on the market. The first smartphone 3D printer suits almost any size and any brand. Even large 5.5 inch displays such as iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy S7 Edge. You can print new frames for your glasses. A cover for your mobile. Or, home accessories, and tools. Or, just like this guy here, make your own DIY 3D printed teeth braces or aligners. Cheap!

Teeth braces 3d printed with a Smartphone 3D Printer

If you always wanted to buy a 3D printer, this is the right time. Also, the right price. The mobile SLA 3D printer OLO is a big hit on Kickstarter, where it has already collected more than $ 1.7 million out of the $80k they have asked for. Get your slice of history with the first smartphone 3D printer. Be part of the next step in 3D printers on the go. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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